The Maltese Islands (consisting of Malta, Gozo and Comino) are the ideal home in the Mediterranean. Apart from their natural beauty, the peaceful and safe way of life, the Maltese islands enjoy a rich cultural and historical heritage and are known for the warm hospitality from its English speaking population, Malta has much more to offer to people looking for a home in the Mediterranean.

Malta is not only a tax efficient location with beautiful properties for sale or rent, but it’s warm climate, beautiful sea and days full of sun will help you relax and retire in a friendly and safe environment. You can enjoy your gin and tonic on board your yacht berthed at one of the yacht marinas, on the terrace of some of the best hotels in Europe enjoying the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, not to mention year round golf in the sun.

The island offers a multilingual service since most of the population apart from speaking the native Maltese language, are also fluent in English and Italian. The Maltese have a high regard for education with 60% of students completing their tertiary level of education. Moreover, the University of Malta is the oldest in the Commonwealth outside Britain.

This is further complemented with excellent flight connections. The national airline together with various international carriers operate regular flights to numerous European and North African destinations.